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      How to maintain the tractor in summer

      From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2014/10/10 8:50:43

      Hot summer weather, and more rain, the air humidity is big, this is disadvantageous for tractor. How to make it have a good summer? The engine in the compression stroke the piston reaches TDC, the gas pressure in the cylinder to reach 2.9 ~ 4.9MPa, the temperature reached 500 ~ 700 DEG C. It is more than the ignition point of diesel, spray into the atomization of diesel fuel to self ignition pushes the piston to do work. The temperature can reach 1800 to 2000 DEG C when burning. The heat from the exhaust pipe with a part of exhaust gas drained to the outside, some of it is directly transmitted to the piston, cylinder head, valve, cylinder and other parts, and these parts to the whole diesel engine. Diesel engine is the need to maintain a certain temperature, but too much heat but harm. Direct contact and combustion gas components, may be burnt red and stuck together; some parts due to overheating and lower mechanical strength, crack or deformation; lubrication oil thinning, low viscosity, lubrication bad; diesel engine pre ignition, power down etc.. Therefore the diesel engine in order to work properly, not only need to maintain a certain temperature, and cooling, prevent the temperature too high. And in the summer due to high temperature, prone to poor heat dissipation, the performance for the water temperature is too high, most models are not allowed more than 95 DEG C temperature.


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