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      Tractor driving safety knowledge

      From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2014/10/10 8:51:31

      First, the basic requirements of the tractor start
      1, check the lubricating oil and fuel is in line with the requirements of the provisions.
      2, check whether the gear lever in the neutral position.
      3, check the cooling water is in compliance with the provisions. No cooling water is strictly prohibited to start; before the start of winter should be about 70 degrees warm water to warm up, before the start of a large number of boiling water; not allowed to use the fire to bake the car.
      4, hand starting to grip the handle when starting the engine, should immediately remove the handle.
      5, the use of motor start, each start working time shall not exceed 10 seconds, once can not start, should be intermittent 2 to 3 minutes and then start.
      6, is strictly prohibited to start with a direct fire.
      7, after the start of the host, should operate at low speed, pay attention to listen to the abnormal sound, observe the oil pressure, and check whether there is leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon.
      8, are not allowed to use the traction, slide way to start the tractor. In case of special circumstances, the emergency use, the tractor and the traction car must be a steel connection, to maintain adequate safety distance, and a clear signal.
      Two, tractor fixed operation requirements
      1, after the engine starts, must be low speed air to preheat, to the water temperature rose to 60 degrees when the load operation.
      2, the use of belt pulley, the main driven pulley must be in the same plane, and the transmission belt to maintain a suitable tension.
      3, the use of the power output shaft, shaft fastening bolt due to the power output shaft and the tools, and the protective cover is installed.
      4, often pay attention to the observation instrument, water temperature, oil pressure, charging circuit work is normal.
      5, engine cooling water tank "boil", are not allowed to open the tank cover, no shaft sudden cold shall remove the load of the engine idling at low speed.
      6, engine work when abnormal sound or instrument indication is not normal, should immediately stop inspection.
      7, the engine shut down before, should first load, low speed after a few minutes and then turn off. Are not allowed to work at full capacity when suddenly shut down.
      8, inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting, you must first cut off the power, after the shutdown.
      9, no overload operation. Night work lighting equipment must be good.
      10, the presence of the operation, should be installed fire cover.


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