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      Large horsepower tractor operation of ten note

      From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2014/10/10 8:52:50

      1, the prohibition of start screw up clutch. Should slowly release the clutch pedal at the same time, appropriate to increase the throttle driving. Otherwise it will cause the clutch assembly and the transmission of the shock, and even damage.

      2, the assistant clutch maintenance. The assistant clutch cannot long pull (separation), otherwise it will cause the clutch the early damage, should pay attention to.

      3, it is strictly prohibited to hang free. The tractor is strictly prohibited to hang free or depress the clutch pedal sliding downhill.

      4, steering tractor. Tractor steering should reduce the throttle or change to the lower gear, must not use unilateral brake as a sharp turn.

      5, gear shifting and speed selection. The shift and the working speed of tractor choices will lead to the clutch assembly in tractor travel speed decreases, the steering wheel for steering. Tractor high-speed driving, the correct choice of tractor working speed, can not only get the best productivity and economic efficiency, and can prolong the service life of tractor.

      6, the use of tractor differential lock. The tractor work, differential lock generally maintain the state of separation. When the tractor rear wheel slipping into severe unilateral or pit, should be the next step differential lock control pedal, and remained in this position, so that the differential lock combination, make out lots of tractor skidding. Differential lock is engaged, tractor cannot turn, otherwise it will cause abnormal wear of tyre, central transmission is damaged, or even overturned.

      7, the tractor brake. Under normal circumstances, should reduce the engine throttle, then step on the pedal of master clutch, and then gradually stepped on the driving brake control pedal, the tractor smooth stop. When the emergency brake, should also step on the pedal of master clutch and driving brake control pedal. In March, do not allow the driver will put your foot on the brake pedal and clutch pedal.

      Manipulation of the 8, front wheel drive. When the tractor field heavy load operation, or in wet and soft soil operations, usually suspended driving axle connected before work, tractor for general transport operations in hard surface, does not allow joint front drive axle, otherwise it will lead to early wear of front wheel.

      9, hydraulic valve and its control to achieve output of four wheel drive operation. Single or double acting hydraulic output valve is arranged on a tractor, hydraulic control valve operating handle to control the output of single function on the agricultural implement or double acting cylinder. Pull machine factory before hydraulic output valve adjustment is a double action, if necessary supporting single action tools, users can adjust the single action hydraulic output.

      10, the tractor oil requirement: 1. According to the different environment, seasons of different brands of diesel. It is strictly prohibited to mix different brands of diesel. II joined the fuel, hydraulic transmission dual-purpose oil tank must be filtered or at least 48 hours after precipitation, to join. The engine operation, must not be gas to the fuel tank. If the tractor in hot or work under the sun, can not fill up the gas tank. Otherwise, the fuel will be expanded and overflow, overflow to immediately dry once.


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