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      See the smoke up

      From:Xingtai First Tractor Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Date:2014/10/28 15:58:00

      Some tractor failure, can be judged from the different colors of smoke.
      1, black smoke: a series of engine load, should be appropriate to reduce the load, the valve clearance is not correct, according to the provisions of a good tune; cylinder liner wear serious, to repair and replacement. The combustion chamber to remove dust, and clean the filter. Fuel injection time is too late, you should adjust the throttle.
      2, white smoke: the engine should be preheated work. If the diesel engine cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder gasket between the water seepage, water should be excluded from the fuel system, repair or replace the damaged parts.
      3, take the blue smoke: the crankcase oil level is too high, to release excess lubricating oil, air filter is the same. Piston ring ash hole cards or excessive wear, to clean or replace. Piston ring and cylinder is not running well, to reduce load, increase the running in time.


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